Holistic Wellbeing Coach, Herbalist and Energy Worker
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Do you feel like you are on a treadmill of survival mode, pouring from an empty cup… Over and over?

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You show up for your kids or your work (or both!) — and you count your blessings of course — but life feels bleh (or worse!) more than you wish it would.

You know you need to put yourself back at the top of your list — or at least on it. But you’re not sure how to get the most impact and relief.


You just want to feel the aaaaahhh that comes from intentional, soulful self-care.

Sure a detox bath sounds great. But there’s more to it.

When you choose self-care that’s aligned with your constitution and paired with the magic of herbs, it becomes more than just a quick relief, it becomes truly restorative.  

Herbs + Practices for Radiant Self-Care with Honor Hawkins. 90-min Intensive Coaching session

This 90-minute private coaching intensive is your chance to get customized herbal remedy + lifestyle recommendations that elevate + nourish you deeply.

  • 90-minute coaching session.

  • 1 week of email support for questions.

  • Assessment of your needs, stresses, concerns & current approaches to self-care.

  • Customized self-care recommendations.

  • Herbal remedy recommendations, including tea, elixirs, essential oils, flower essences and more. 

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When you show up for yourself consistently, you show up with all your magic for whatever fills your life.

Kids, career, even the carpool line.

The more magic you bring, the more you create.

Here’s How to Get Started

Step 1. Click the “Buy Now” button to submit your payment and schedule your session.

Step 2. When it’s time for our session, click the link for our video call. (If you can’t do video, email me and we’ll do this by phone). This session will be joyful, supportive and productive. You will want a quiet, private space to focus and to take notes.