Holistic Wellbeing Coach, Herbalist and Energy Worker
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Honor Hawkins,

Helping busy women thrive

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Go from Burnout to Bliss

Discover 8 steps to FIND YOUR FLOW so you can nurture your mind : body : spirit and finally ditch survival mode for good. (Even when you’re busy.)


    Ditch survival mode

    Are you more burned-out than blissful?

    You are busy. Motherhood. Work. Life. So much on you every day. Be honest — it can be a struggle.

    What if you loved your life? Savored your children…On fire at work…Lit up about life… at least most of the time. Despite all the busy. What if you were less busy but more effective?

    And on the hot mess days, what if you had the tools to stay calm, focused and impactful?

    Here’s the big secret: take care of you. Every day. (Without trying too hard). Optimal performance requires regular self-renewal. But how?

    Well, you’ve found it: a fresh approach that helps busy women tap their pure potential for wellbeing so they stop the struggle cycle.

    This is wellness, mindset, mindfulness, authentic living, big dreaming, goal setting, receiving, personal growth, restoration, connection and so much more. We compare where you are with where you want to be, and we build a bridge to get you there (or somewhere better!) — while enjoying the journey along the way.

    I teach proven, practical tools that incorporate mindfulness, nutrition, movement, supplements, herbs and much more to support the whole woman. My approach is designed to deeply nourish and restore your unique vitality.This isn’t about striving or pressuring you to be more (NEVER -- you are enough exactly as you are). It’s about creating an environment for the body and mind that allows you to function at your greatest potential.

    Plus it’s online via video so you can connect from home or office.

    Swimming in survival mode doesn’t serve women, the people they love, or the places they work. My mission is to lift the world, one thriving woman at a time. Let’s do this together.



    Root into wellbeing so you can bloom into a life you love. 12-week custom program to transform what blocks your vitality — for good. Recover from overwhelm. Rock your best life.


    For a fertility journey. Holistic wellbeing coaching, a strong container of support, practical perspective on next steps, and compassionate insights. I’ve been there. I’ll teach you everything I learned.


    A one-off session for the super busy who need an instant reset. Wellbeing assessment and summary. Personalized self-care practices and herbal remedies that match your unique needs.

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    Why Partner With Me


    Optimize your potential

    Elevate mind : body : spirit

    Restore flow, vitality



    Lasting Change

    Deep commitment


    Accountability + Support


    Thrive in all areas

    Practical Tools

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