Holistic Wellbeing Coach, Herbalist and Energy Worker
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You may feel busy, tired and overwhelmed.

But when I look at you, I see magic.

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You juggle so much — kids, career, big dreams.

You give 110%, but you’re often pouring from an empty cup.

So you burn out. You lose your spark.

You are passionate and extraordinary, but you’re not thriving physically, emotionally, spiritually.




Hey love — I’m Honor.

I partner with with stressed, tired, working mommas  to help them take charge of their wellbeing so they can thrive at work and at home. 

I see you. I have been you.


Caring for yourself is not a luxury if you want to make the most of your big juicy life.


A bit about my story…


Chapter One: Human Instapot

A few years ago I crashed and burned in a dramatic fashion. I’d was a successful and high-achieving communications professional / Ivy Leaguer with a tendency toward a monkey mind and chronic stress. After the birth of my first child, I pushed through the postpartum year like it was business as usual. I added a beautiful baby and NO sleep to a full schedule, but I didn’t adjust my lifestyle to allow rest and renewal.

So much pressure doing all the things, I was like a human instapot.


Chapter Two: Boom

Then boom! I had a miscarriage. And another. Then several more in the following years — six losses before The Miracle. I was in a health crisis caused (at least partly) by chronic stress, survival mode and my belief that pushing harder was the way through all things. With no other options, I cracked wide open to the possibility that there must be a better way to treat my body, manage stress and live my life.


Chapter Three: Healing

The relief and miracles showed up for me when learned to work with my body and mind, not fight it.

I learned to make new choices. I got tons of help and explored many health and wellness modalities. I began to tend myself and care for my needs. I pushed less, and enjoyed more. And then the magic really started.


Chapter Four: Miracles

My new strategies were more impactful, more efficient and more rewarding too. I started to tap the potential that was always within me. This led to a major career pivot.

And I got pregnant with a healthy, amazing, miraculous son.


Chapter Five: Partnering With You

Now I help women just like you bounce back from burnout. I am a working mom of two juggling all the things with a wildly varying competence and bananas in my hair. Each day is such a gift! And some days are depleting and uninspiring. We can own that right?

Staying below my burnout threshold so I can thrive takes commitment, tools, commitment, focus,  and humor.

Which brings me to you, MAGICAL YOU.

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You are enough, just as you are.

Read that headline again! But if you’ve been stuck in burnout, we can work together to help you reclaim the more vibrant, impactful, content version of you. You have the power to shift what’s not working inside and out so you feel calm, focused, energized, resilient (full disclosure: this power is within you but much easier with support). From this optimal position, you can create a life you love while having greater impact on what matters most. Yes —it’s absolutely possible. 

You’ll discover proven tools, new techniques, and have major insights. When you address mind : body : spirit together, lasting transformation unfolds.

You can finally get the results you desire (and so much more).


On a mission for you

Swimming in survival mode doesn’t serve women, the people they love or the places they work. My mission is to lift the world, one thriving woman at a time.

Can you imagine what the world would look like if we all stepped into our magic?

What makes me different?

I have an undergrad from Cornell University, and master’s from the University of Southern California and have worked at several top organizations. I am also trained in a variety of modalities that support my life-long passion for wellbeing.

I specialize in helping women like you thrive at home, at work, and everywhere in between.

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Life & Family

I live with my amazing husband, Ned, and two beautiful (tireless!) sons, Owen & Holden, in Charleston, South Carolina.

I love love love my family, tea, historical fiction, nature, flowers, geeky podcasts and unlocking the keys optimal living. My network of girlfriends and “sister mommas” fill my cup.

I’m deeply grateful to the teachers, organizations, and healers who have brought me to this moment, and who continue to inspire me on my journey to lift the world, one thriving woman at a time.

Isn't life full of surprises?

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  • Favorite Daily Practices. Exercise, drinking tea

  • Go-To Grounding Tips. Centering Breath with cedar or sandalwood, chocolate

  • Favorite Tea. My Happy Cozy Blend (ginger, linden, licorice root, oat straw, rose petals)

  • Help Winding Down. Binaural beats, lavender, White Chestnut flower essence

  • Joy Boosters. Music, mindfulness, friends, energy work

  • Can’t Live Without. Boundaries, acupuncture, nature time

  • Mom 5pm Hack. Motherwort for me, chamomile + lemon balm for kids

  • Performance Optimizer. Heart rate variability training

  • Productivity Tips. Intention-setting, time blocking, meditation

  • Yin/Yang. As passionate about ancient wisdom as I am about biohacking

  • Plant Allies. Ginger, mimosa tree, linden, rose, rosemary, oak

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The world needs your magic.


I’m so glad you’re here and I can’t wait to get to know you.

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