Holistic Wellbeing Coach, Herbalist and Energy Worker
Root + Bloom with Honor Hawkins

A 12-Week Private Coaching Program
for Soulful Modern Women Ready to Reclaim Their Vitality

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Root into lasting transformation so
you can bloom into a life you love

Ditch survival mode, transform your health, and become more effective in all areas of life.

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Beautiful one, let me guess...

  • Without coffee, chocolate or wine (all three even?) you can’t imagine chugging through long days of deadlines and meetings, carpool and dirty dishes.
  • You give 110% to those you love and those who need you. Family, colleagues, clients, community — all in.
  • You try to bring your best at home, work or both, but often feel less-than.
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Deep down, you’re struggling.

You’re suffering. You’re moving so fast you’re missing the magic right in front of you.

You feel tired, mind and body. You feel reactive, distracted or even just “done.” 

You’ve been pouring from and empty cup.

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Big hug.


I feel you. I see you. You are not alone.

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Take a moment to shower yourself with love and compassion for all that you do and all that you are (which is more than enough, I promise). 

Then ask your heart what it would be like to feel...

  • Vibrant + healthy
  • On fire for life yet radiating inner peace
  • Present, intentional
  • Thriving mind : body : spirit
  • Effective at home and at work
  • Less stress, tension, overwhelm
  • More ease, grace and fulfillment
  • Clear and unstuck, free to move forward
  • Like you’re expressing your full potential (and magic!) each day

Being a thriving soulful modern woman is about progress. Never perfection. 

It’s about authenticity. Creating sacred time for yourself. Listening to your body. Realizing your potential while staying true to your values and needs.

It’s not about seeing how much you can do on how little sleep. Or how far you can push your limits, despite what you’ve been told!

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Welcome to your tribe, sister. 

I’m Honor. I’m so glad you’re here.

As a holistic wellbeing coach, herbalist and energy worker, I help women reclaim their health and vitality so they can live fully (without pushing!). 

I’m a working mom of two very active boys so I don’t just get your pain points, I LIVE them. One dirty diaper and soccer practice at a time. 

Here's my story...

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Chapter One: Human Instapot

After the birth of my first child, I pushed through the postpartum year like it was business as usual. I added a baby and NO sleep to a full schedule (plus other curveballs), but I didn’t adjust my lifestyle to allow rest and renewal.

So much pressure, I was like a human instapot!


Chapter Two: Boom

And then boom! I had a miscarriage.

Two months later, another. Then several more. I was in a full blown, heart-wrenching health crisis. I knew there must be a better way to treat my body, manage stress and live my life.


Chapter Three: Healing

The relief and miracles showed up for me in holistic wellbeing: herbs, coaching, energy healing, oils, flower essences, acupuncture, and more. 

I began to tend myself from the inside out.


Chapter Four: Holden

Deep healing and realigning unfolded. 

In the blink of an eye (actually, it was 4 intense years), our sweet Holden showed up on his own time, almost a bit out of the blue!

And I had discovered how life can feel when you reclaim your vitality.

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Here is a sacred truth

When you tend yourself body : mind : spirit, you can unlock your full potential and create a life that lights you up. One that reveals that magic and miracles already within you and around you.

But you’ve got to put yourself on the top of your list. 

You need to choose you.

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Root + Bloom with Honor Hawkins


Get present with what’s up, unearth what's keeping you stuck,
and design holistic (and realistic!) lifestyle practices.

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What You Get When You Join



Inspiration, practical tools + accountability to help restore your vitality, mind : body : spirit. We’ll go deep, set goals, tackle blocks, and bring in some serious light. We’ll create new patterns, new ways of being. This includes:

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90-minute intensive to create a wellbeing plan that addresses your physical, emotional and spiritual vitality.

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11 50-minute video check-ins to monitor progress, evolve your plan, and bust through pain points.

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Energy work daily for the duration of your program. Some of your check-ins can be energy healing sessions as well.



To support your goals and ease the journey, we’ll explore safe, effective herbal remedies. These may include, tea, infusions, flower essences, essential oils and more.



Energy work to enhance your transformation. We’ll help activate your innate healing abilities and move energy that’s keeping you stuck. This is soul love to promote harmony and flow. 


HIGH-TOUCH SUPPORT (Monday - Friday, 9-5)

My clients will tell you: this is a game-changer. Each day presents magic + opportunity to support your transformation. I’ll be on-hand for questions, troubleshooting, cheerleading and accountability


... all this in one personalized, online program
(while having plenty of belly laughs and a strong hand to hold).



Here are two sweet bonuses:


1 custom energetic tea blend created to enhance your intentions and goals.
1 hand-crafted flower essence to amplify the benefits of our work together.

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I know what you may be thinking…

You’re too busy. Or you should use that money differently. 

You may even think it’s selfish to invest time and money in yourself. 

Well, let’s take a closer look...


When you feel healthy and energetic, your days will look so differently! 

You have more impact in all areas of life, you make strong, healthy choices. You feel brighter, more confident, more vibrant. You create more time for what really matters and let the rest drift away.

You have energy for yourself and the ones you love. And you fall more in love with yourself and your life.

You can sleep better, have more patience, laugh more, face your fears. And you may discover how to face life’s challenges with more support and deep inner peace —even if those challenges are accompanied by work deadlines, 45 loads of laundry, and taking care of the class turtle.

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Hear me on this:


You are worth it!

The world needs your magic.

And you need to feel vibrantly well so you can live life to its fullest. To embrace your potential. To flow through ups and downs with grace and presence.


ROOT + BLOOM  is for you if you’re ready to:

  • Embrace your potential and live fully -- family, career, everywhere
  • Transform your health, wellbeing and mindset holistically
  • Discover practical tools to care for your body : mind : spirit in meaningful ways that benefit you immediately and over time
  • Ditch survival mode 
  • Receive energy work throughout your journey
  • Bust the blocks and patterns that keep you stuck
  • Create a customized approach to cope with stress and live life with more ease

(payment plans available)

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Take a deep breath

Visualize what life would look like if you were rooted into true wellbeing,
thriving in your mind : body : spirit. How would you FEEL?

Could you feel the inner peace that comes with meeting responsibilities without sacrificing your needs?Could you root into holistic wellbeing and vitality? 
Could you bloom into a life, family, career that you love?

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You can be free from survival mode
(most days anyway!)

You can embrace a loving, joyful, supportive wayto care for yourself. 

You can flow through your day feeling energetic, peaceful and purposeful.  

You can have the energy and resources to manage the inevitable stresses. To feel vibrantly well so you thrive and live with purpose. 

You can also have the clarity to say no and to set boundaries.

You can put your needs back at the top of the list.

No guilt. No shame.
You are already everything and so much more.

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I've created ROOT + BLOOM for women just like you.
I can't wait to support you on this journey.

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